Cat jewelry and how to style it

by Po S on April 29, 2019

The cat lovers are special people who love to show affection to their pets in different kind of ways. Many jewelry designers have seen this as a great opportunity to design and create unique pieces that will show just that – the love for your cat. As there are many different animal pieces of jewelry, the cat jewelry is definitely the cutest. So, no matter if you are buying something for yourself or for a gift, here are some wonderful cat jewelry pieces that will blow your mind. Moreover, they come with some styling ideas.

Cat stud earrings

As they come in 4 different colors, these cat stud earrings will bring out the cool and modern fashion vibe in you. Appropriate for girls and women, the cat stud earrings can be both casual and official jewelry pieces. For a cool casual style, wear these earrings with the hair casually pulled back in a messy or low pony, which will make the earring shine on your ears. Even though they might seem too childish for a formal occasion, they are super appropriate. Choosing a pair in dark color will bring out the elegance, yet send the message that you are great cat lover – and all that while wearing a suit!

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